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As you explore our area, you’ll find numerous attractions, sights and scenery, and challenges that make this the best riding area in Colorado. Below is just a small list of our amazing attractions, however, there are many more and to fully experience all of them would take weeks!

Alpine Tunnel Historic District

The Alpine Tunnel historic district is a testament to the grit and determination of the early men and women who came to this valley. The Alpine Tunnel was the first railroad bore through the Continental Divide, happening at over 12,000ft. In 1881, the tunnel was completed and the railroad itself would wind it’s way down the mountain, supported in numerous places by dry-stacked walls known as Palisades. The trains would make numerous stops on it’s journey into Pitkin, and on down Quartz Creek Valley, ultimately onto Gunnison. You can retrace this path, often riding in the exact route of the rail road, and see historic remains such as water towers, railroad remnants, and the still-standing Palisade walls.

High Altitude Passes

In the area, there are numerous high altitude passes that you will cross as you explore. These vary in height from 10,000-12,000ft+ and difficulty from gravel roads to challenging, rocky trails. Fortunately, our capable rentals will make you confident in your adventure, regardless of the trail you take.

  • Cumberland Pass – 12,000+ft pass between Pitkin and Tin Cup Ghost town.
  • Hancock Pass – 12,000ft pass over the Continental Divide between Pitkin and St. Elmo
  • Tin Cup Pass – 12,000ft pass over the Continental Divide between Tin Cup and St. Elmo
  • Taylor Pass – 12, 000ft pass through large rocks and creek crossings, taking you to Taylor Lake
  • Tomichi Pass – A narrow, 12,000ft pass between White Pine and Pitkin. Not for people scared of heights and narrow shelf roads.
  • Wuanita Pass – An easy-cruising, scenic pass between Pitkin and Wuanita Hot Springs
  • Black Sage Pass – Another easy pass, taking you between Wuanita Hot Springs and White Pine

The Continental Divide

As you explore the area, you will often find your self navigating around the Continental Divide, or traveling up and over it. It is truly an experience and the views will be sure to leave lasting memories.

Historic Ghost Towns and Mining Sites

Part of your adventures are sure to take you past mining remains from the late 1800s and into the ghost towns of Tin Cup and St. Elmo. These quaint mining ghost towns are popular due to their remote locations and being well preserved.

Other Points of Interest:

  • American Flag Mountain – A challenging adventure, when you arrive at the top of this mountain you will be greeted by an American Flag and 360 degree views from the 12,713ft lookout
  • Cross Mountain – A fantastic climb to the top of Cross Mountain provides a scenic adventure, through mining remains, resulting in fantastic views of Taylor Park and 360 degree views of the rugged Colorado mountains
  • Mt. Antero – Numerous switch backs and shelf roads take you to almost 14,000ft on this scenic mountain
  • Mirror Lake – A high mountain lake outside of Tin Cup, this is a popular location for fishing, photography, and an ideal location for a trail side lunch
  • Taylor Lake – This high altitude lake has to be earned! It’s a long ride up Taylor Pass, over large rocks, and through a long creek crossing, with steep climbs, but this lake is remote and as picturesque as they get!
  • Taylor Reservoir – A popular fishing location in the Taylor Park area, this reservoir empties into Taylor River and flows down towards Almont.