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UTV Self-Guided Adventures

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Half Day Mirror Lake Adventure starting at
Full Day Miner's Run Loop starting at

Our self-guided tours take all the guesswork out of your adventure!

We carefully create routes that ensure you make the most of your day. Our routes are loaded onto the touch screen GPS, all you have to do is follow the route!

These self-guided tours will take you over amazing passes, alongside picturesque mountain lakes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a variety of wildlife as you explore the Colorado backcountry in our premium rental side-by-sides.

Full-Day Miner’s Run Loop

The popular miner’s run loop is a fantastic full-day adventure. This route will leave from Pitkin, take you through the historic Alpine Tunnel area where you retrace the steps of one of the first railroads through the Continental Divide, seeing historic remains and feats of the early men and women who created this wonder.

From there, you’ll shift into 4wd and crawl your way through the rocks up over 12,000 feet, passing over the Continental Divide via Hancock Pass. Along your way you’ll have breathtaking views, mining remains, and quite possibly tons of mountain wildflowers.

You’ll then drop down into the ghost town of St. Elmo, a historic mining town. Shortly out of St. Elmo, the climb begins again, passing 12,000 feet on your way to the top of Tin Cup Pass. This will once again bring you over the Continental Divide in a fun, rocky, challenge that will really demonstrate the capabilities of your Polaris RZR!

As you make your way down from Tin Cup pass, you’ll pass the picturesque Mirror Lake and will come to the ghost town of Tin Cup. Time permitting, you can stop in at Frenchy’s and grab a fantastic milkshake and enjoy the quaint town. Leaving Frenchy’s you’ll make your final ascent to 12,000+ feet as you come over Cumberland Pass on your way back to Pitkin!

Half-Day Mirror Lake Adventure

This half-day adventure is an easy, laid back, sightseeing adventure that will take you up over 12,000 feet as you summit Cumberland Pass. You’ll then drop down into several switchbacks and come to the ghost town of Tin Cup.

From there, it’s a short ride out to Mirror Lake, a picturesque high mountain lake where you can spend a bit of time fishing. On your way back to Pitkin, you can stop at Frenchy’s restaurant to grab a bite to eat or a great milkshake for your return trip!