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The Top 10 Items for UTV Riding In Colorado

So, you’re coming to rent a RZR in the Taylor Park area, and you’re having dreams of experiencing trails like Taylor Pass (in the awesome video above), but what do you need to bring? If it’s your first time riding in the Gunnison, Crested Butte, Pitkin, or Taylor Park areas, this is a super common question! We get asked this all the time, and while we do have a FAQ Section that covers most questions, this is one topic to dive a little more into. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to bring with you for your trip into the Colorado mountains!


1. Layers, Layers, Layers!

Absolutely, the number one thing you need to bring is layers of clothing. Colorado weather is at best, unpredictable! Then, take into account that you are riding a RZR or ATV/UTV near the Continental Divide, and you can experience summer, fall, and winter in one day. You can leave from picking up your RZR in weather that is in the 60s, but climb to the top of a pass like Hancock Pass in our Miner’s Run Loop trip and experience weather in the upper 30s! You could can experience a sunny, blue-sky day, and cross the Continental Divide and catch a short afternoon rain shower (or snow storm). Having a multiple layers with some sort of waterproof shell will ensure you’re prepared for everything you may experience in the mountains. This is the number one thing people forget to bring, so don’t make that mistake! We want you to thoroughly enjoy your trip!

2. Footwear

We get it, you’re on vacation, you want to relax, and wear those super comfortable flip flops or crocs. Save those for another part of your vacation! You’re not just renting a RZR and riding all day, you’ll have numerous opportunities to get out and explore old mining remains, historic rail road tracks, massive boulder fields, and high alpine lakes. You need to have sturdy, close-toed shoes for this adventure, preferably something with ankle support.

3. Bandanas or Buffs

Sometimes, Colorado can be a pretty dry place. Dry weather = dust. Make sure you bring something like a bandana or a buff (available at the Silver Plume General Store should you need one or forget!) to help with the occasional dust you may experience from other trail users. The other bonus is, if you hit some cooler weather at the top of one of those picturesque passes, you’ll have a way of keeping your face warm!

4. Prepare for the sun!

One of the best parts of Pitkin and Taylor Park is the amount of beautiful, sunny days in the summer! But you need to be prepared for the sun exposure. Because we’re so high in the mountains, UV exposure can be much higher than at lower elevations, resulting in quicker sunburns. Bring sunscreen and make sure you use it regularly!

5. Eyewear

Although this might be Number 4.5, make sure to bring sunglasses or goggles. Between bright sunny days, or some dusty days, eye protection is highly recommended. If you want goggles or forget your goggles, we have them available, included in your rental. Just ask!

6. Water!

When you’re going out for a full day in the mountains, you need to stay hydrated. Some of our routes can and will take you miles from civilization and other people, so you may not have the opportunity to buy water or drinks. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is one of the biggest factors in not getting altitude sickness. When you rent from us, you’re taking off from 9,242 ft above sea level, and traveling up to almost 13,000ft. This is a huge altitude change for most of our customers, and the last thing we want is for someone to suffer from altitude sickness because they didn’t drink enough water. If you happen to forget water, bottled water can be purchased at the Silver Plume General Store prior to your departure.

7. Snacks!

Some routes you can adventure on will take you past some really cool places to eat, but depending on the time of day or time of year, those places may not be open. Other routes really get you out into the mountains, so you need bring food with you. Don’t overthink it though! Bring basic snacks (trail mix, almonds, etc) are great and easy to pack. You can also bring a small cooler and pack sandwich stuff for a trailside picnic (nothing like eating a fresh sandwich with the family, right next to a mountain stream at 11,000ft!)

8. Camera (or phone) 

Bring some way to capture your experience. We promise, your UTV rental will be a memory-in-the-making, so we want you to capture it and be able to re-live it and show your friends! Between the UTV riding experience, mountain scenery, and wildlife, there are numerous opportunities to snap photos and share with your friends or with us! We love to see you’re experiences, so tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

9.  Biodegradable TP

Not much to say here. You’re in the mountains, often 40-50 miles from the nearest bathroom. Bring what you need to do your business if nature calls. Make sure to follow the Forest Service Guidelines.

10. Friends and Family

Lastly, include your friends and family. UTV rentals in the Gunnison National Forest are an experience that should be shared! Photos and videos are one thing, but spending time with your friends and family surrounded by Colorado’s natural beauty is incomparable. Twist your buddy’s arm, remind your gal-pal, whatever you have to do, but get them out with you and riding along. As Steve Jobs said: “Life is about creating and living experiences that are worth sharing.” So get out, live those experiences, and share them with your friends and family!

11. (Bonus) Helmets

While we provide helmets, included with all our UTV rentals, there’s a saying about no place like home. A helmet you own is most likely the one that fits the best and you prefer. If you can pack your favorite helmet with you, bring it with you. Otherwise, we’ll happily supply you with one of our own, quality, full-face helmets.


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