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Self Guided UTV Rentals

Self-Guided UTV Rentals

(A short explanation of your best adventure in Pitkin and Taylor Park Area)

RZR overlooking the Continental DivideWhat the heck is self guided? This is a question that pops up from time to time when we talk with prospective customers. The long and short of it is – A self guided tour is a carefully curated route that will highlight unique terrain, points of interest, or amazing views in the Taylor Park and Pitkin area. This route is generated from our expertise in the area using state of the art mapping software, then loaded into the rugged, waterproof, touchscreen GPS on our well-equipped Polaris RZRs.

When you’re looking for a UTV rental in Taylor Park, Pitkin, St. Elmo or even near the Gunnison or Crested Butte areas, consider how expansive the riding area is. The rough guestimate of miles to ride is well into the hundreds of miles (if not thousands), meaning if you want to make the best of your vacation time, having a GPS that can guide you on where to go and ensure you don’t get lost is a huge benefit. All of our Polaris RZRs are equipped with the GPS and we will load whatever route you book into the machine prior to your arrival. Then during checkout, we will show you how the GPS works, how to follow the route, and items to look for (such as amazing family photo ops!).

If you want to have an offroad adventure with the family, using the latest technology in the newest, best equipped machines (did I mention we have brand new Polaris RZRs every year?), give us a call or shoot us an email, or heck… Click the link below and get your reservation made! We look to seeing you this summer!

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